Un/changing City Walk

Un/changing City Walk


Un/changing City Walk is a large-scale interactive installation investigating panoramas and zoetropes techniques. This work mimics a life-size animation device exploring the state and space in-between the still and moving image.

Inspired by walks along Europe’s busiest street, Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul, which according to urban legends is traversed by a million people every single day, Un/changing City Walk offers single points of view stitched together to create an immersive encounter of three pedestrian precincts in Stockholm, Manchester and Istanbul. Constructed from still images that speed up or slow down in response to movements by the viewer mimicking a walk in the city, the work invites us to contemplate and see the world around us from a new perspective.

This work was tested and created as part of an amberPlatform residency and exhibit3ed as part of amber ’10 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The images were taken as I walked very slowly through crowded streets in the various cities while I manually took photos with my digital camera which in the ended up

Images: Anita Bacic

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