Roaming Sweets

Roaming Sweets


A collaboration between Anita Bacic & Natalie Woodlock (

Roaming Sweets is a series of three stop-motion animations created on a Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile phone to be viewed on a mobile phone, delivered as episodes in the life of Luli the doll. Roaming Sweets is a sweet-meet between new digital technologies and the cult of the handmade. Crochet, icing, sweets, cake and cardboard are materials used in each animation.

Animations can be seen here

Episode Synopses:
01 ­ Walled Garden – Luli strolls in an iced garden followed by dancing flowers.
02 ­ Sweet Suite – Sweets to make a suite! Luli’s furniture takes on a life of its own when she leaves the room.
03 ­ Sweet Seat – Luli performs a daring feat of skill and marvel under the bright lights of the big top.