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anita at onesixty dot net

Can submissions be sent in other languages?
YES. Please send through your submission in any language, the more languages, the better! BUT it is very important that you include an English interpretation on the form on this site. I look forward to receiving rhymes/songs in your language!

I think my nursery song/game is common and you may already have received it. Should I send another one instead?
I am interested in ALL nursery rhymes/songs. I am interested in ones that are considered as common, and I am also interested in how often I receive the same (common) ones... Send them through as this question of "common" will perhaps be answered by contributions from people such as you.

I am Chinese and I would like to contribute, but my language is character based, how can I contribute?
If you can translate your Chinese characters phonetically, that would be great. Also this would be an appropriate option for other character and calligraphy based languages. Email me if you need further clarification.

Can I send more than one rhyme, or is it one person one entry?
YES. You can send in as many rhymes/games as you like! You can send more than one contribution per person.

Are the people who contribute listed or noted in anyway?
YES. In the near future I will create an extension of the current website that will list the contributions and their names. The installation at Electrofringe will only list the 20 contributors selected.

Please return for regular updates...